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Finding out if I've Improved as a Programmer: Part 2

I've been looking into whether or not I've improved as a programmer by dusting off an old shell program I wrote for a college course and seeing if I can make it any better. The exercise has been eye-opening so far. I really have come a long way on my programmer's journey, with much longer to go, I'm sure. To quickly recap, all of the refactorings I'm doing are going up on my GitHub repo so you can follow along with the changes, and I identified these general issues with the code:
  • It doesn't compile
  • Minimal tests
  • Inconsistent indenting and formatting
  • One long function in main()
  • Poor structure and organization
  • Major memory management issues
In the first article, I tackled the first three items, so I now have the last three—breaking up main(), giving the program better structure, and improving memory management—to address before I'll be happy with the revision. Let's jump right in, shall we?